Hilolombi ("The-Greatest-Because-The-Eldest"), the Creator, placed His twin sons, Kwan and Koba, into Licee Libisu (the Original Egg, the World). Kwan came out first and committed incest with his mother Hisi (Earth). Angered, Hilolombi sent Nkwaada (Chaos) upon Nkong u Hisi (Hisi's land, the Earth) by simply dimming Djob (His eye, the sun).
Koba, seeing the pitiful condition of human beings and all the creatures living on earth, came to the rescue by boat with his friends, the Minton, a crew of 401 gods. These "demiurges" fought Kwan who was cursed and transformed into Mbey-Yoy (Albino-Hyena), Nkwaada, and restored the world into almost its original state. The Minton still stick around to contain Mbey-Yoy and Nkwaada. This work of restoration and maintenance is the Mbog Bassa, the 6,000-year-old wisdom tradition of the Bassa people.
Koba, nicknamed Ngookola (When-You-Saw-The-Suffering-You-Had-Pity), had nine principal aides (Hinea): 1) Hu, 2) Mbog, 3) Nge, Um: 4) Mbam Um, 5) Ngena Um, Dingonda di Um (Um's twin daughters) 6) Kinin and Kinyemb, 7) Nja Ngumba, 8) Lindum, and 9) Koo who, each, initiated a secret society hose role is "to keep the flame alive".
Bassa hierology is the compilation of the texts of the nine secret societies of the (Kamerun) Bassa people.

1) HU, to whom Ngookola said: "Make sure that my Father's Name is uttered in this realm, even when everything is silent.


2) MBOG, whose role is (still) Mbog Basa'a (to assemble what others disassemble), was told by Koba: "Remind them that this realm is MBOG i KOBA ni KWAN LOBI (the Mbog of Koba and Kwan, sons of LOBI, which tells us that LOBI is how Koba calls his Father).

Mbog Liaa
Manal ma Mban
Mode Sop

3) NGE, who renders justice without mercy.

Hitong Lingom
The Sons of Hitong Lingom
Iliga Ngwang
Ngombi Iliga Ngwang
Nyobe Yebel
Mabet ma Nge (Nuk's Inclusion)
Leehe i Nge (Songs)

4) Koba said only one word to UM, the god of knowledge: "Ngobi" [by way of] initiation, which says that knowledge is reached by way of initiation, not instruction or education.

MBAM UM, brings knowledge with a thundering voice.

Bakay ba Ibongo
Leehe (Songs For A Wake)

5) NGENA UM, brings the knowing through the warrr sound.

Ma'Um (Poems)

6)DINGONDA DI UM (KININ and KINYEMB), opens the mind with the dancing rhythm.

Ma'Um (Poems From The Riverhole)
Likumba jem (Sleeping With Um)

7) NJA NGUMBA, the god with a dog's head who, when asked by Ngookola to come along, took with him the dog Basenji, a dog which resembles him, the dog he finally gave as a present to hunters.

Nja Ngumba
Nwee Wem (The Book Of Serenity)

8) LINDUM, the entertaining god, who entertained the gods throughout the expedition, and who entertained the gods while they accomplished the work of Restoration. "You were brought here to entertain the gods, O Lindum. Entertain us," is how Ngookola used to greet him.

Mandum (Poems)

9) KOO to whom Ngookola said: "May no woman refers to the Most High as Hilolombi. Kilolombi is Her Name."

Nso Ngond
Nge Hisi
Man Bum (A Rhino In The Compound)
Mandeng ma Bilog
Ngo Mbugha
Lingen li Lep (The Riverhole)

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