Of course the notion of God is important in cosmosemantics.
Who is God for cosmosemanticians?
How to best approach Him, talk to Him, receive blessings from Him?

Before we begin, let me ask you this: Would you one day want to be transported instantly to work without having to take your car, or the bus, or commute by train?
How about being transported in an instant to another destination in another continent, say from Africa to America and back without ever facing the challenge of delayed jets, packed planes, lost luggage?
Have you realized that that's what we have been talking about here?
Have you realized that that's what cosmosemantics may one day offer?

I am sure that you all have experienced weird things like you think of someone and a minute later, he calls or appears or you receive a letter from him.
MINEM MI N'LENLA, the elders would say, as if hearts afire paid visits to one another.
You are sure you have placed your purse on a table.
You look and look and do not see it, and when you are no longer looking for it, here it is right there on the table.
Now think hard and ask yourself a teleological question to get a teleological answer:
"Why did I think of my brother a couple of minutes before he called me?"
Then ask yourself a mechanical question in order to get a mechanical answer:
"What earlier circumstances made me think of my brother?" or better yet "What earlier circumstances made my brother call me?"

In the beginning of our discussion on cosmosemantics, I gave you a few examples about three people who used special powers to fight the invader in Africa.
Let's ask a mechanical question about one of them, say, Bikoy.
What earlier circumstances caused him to transmute into a palmnut bunch?
You may think about all the possible and probable initiatic manipulations he went through to master his powers but let me suggest this answer:
    the most important earlier circumstances that caused him to transmute into a palmnut bunch was
        1) the KNOWLEDGE that his people, the Bassa, had a weapon that could topple the colonizer and get him to leave the country, and
        2) the WILL to use that weapon.

    That WEAPON, which is simply a KNOWLEDGE, is cosmosemantics.