Did I say Creation? If there is Creation, then there must be a Creator. If there is a Creator, then according to cosmosemantics, there must be not only the contrary of the Creator but the negation of the Creator within Himself, that is, pure energy in the vacuum of space and time that negates the causes, actions, effects and influences of the Creator. Put these three together and you begin to have an idea of the cosmosemantic God. A God who did not create uncertainty or indetermination, a God so powerful that He could afford to create His own contrary and His own negation. Put these three realms together again: 1) The Creator (Pure Energy in the vacuum of space and time which creates, 2)The NoCreator (Pure Energy in the vacuum of space and time which contradicts the Creator) and 3) The AntiCreator (Pure Energy in the vacuum of space and time which negates all influences of the Creator) and you have the best part of Nature's intelligence and actions: the power to enchant. Cosmosemantic computing will show
this sooner or later. Ngambi (the Oracle) even predicts that cosmosemantics will revolutionize the way we human beings approach knowledge more than anything we human beings have ever created.

In a way, the cosmosemantic God is your everyday God, the One you pray in the churches the polluter brought to Africa. In another way, He is not. This is the God Nietzsche slaughtered because He is crippling and this is the God whose worship Marx said was the opium of the people, for this God is lethargic. I have to tell you, one gets the most from cosmosemantics if he believes in a Supreme Intelligence, a God who manipulates the metaphysical laws to enchant and create more enchantment in the universe. As most African traditions stress, this God used to live among human beings like a shop-owning Father among His sons, but He moved away with His shop the day He granted us Reason, Freedom, and Necessity. But He made sure we know the Way to His compound and when we go to His shop to buy merchandise, He accepts counterfeit coins from us.

This God is an aesthetic God, this is the reason why before anything, you should thoroughly investigate your people's idea of beauty. No one would be thirsty or hungry if there were no such things as drinking water or food. Likewise our desire for beauty and our sense of awe make sense if there exists Beauty and an embodiment of Beauty.

Each one of us is this Father's son or daughter. Each one of us is the manifestation of pure humanity, which is a manifestation of pure divinity, for anyone of us, human beings, has all authority to play with the metaphysical laws that govern our planet and the whole universe. When one of us decides to play this game, he is a Um-Um, a cosmosemantician. And the Father delights himself when He sees us trying to create enchantment and more enchantment. Tradition has it that those are the only moments he smiles and amuses Himself.