Suppose you have nine computers at your disposal. The first one computes DIACHRONICALLY everything that relates to the law of Contradictions, the second one does the same with everything that relates to Motion, the third one with Causation, the fourth one with Evolution, the fifth with Compensations, the sixth with Natural Attractions, the seventh with Cycles, the eighth with Hierarchy, and the ninth computer stores only information about Symbolic Correspondances. Then you have another computer at the center of this system which computes SYNCHRONICALLY all information emanating from each of the above-mentioned computers. This is how the universe works; this is how the solar system works, this is how our planet Earth works. This is also how our brain works, whether we are conscious of it or not. Being conscious of this, and being conscious that we are conscious of this, is the first step to cosmosemantics. Focus on this, meditate upon it, and you benefit from the structural energy of everything that is, from medicinal plants (trees, roots, plants,flowers, roots, barks) to the energy of shapes (pyramids, triangles, squares, and obelisks).

When one law meets another, for instance when Evolution (E) meets Hierarchy (H), what happens next is fourthfold, in virtue of the law of contradictions, which can be contradictory as well as complementary:
(+E)(+H) here both are positive, thus complementary;
(-E)(+H) the first one is negative (contradictory) and the second one positive, i.e complementary;
(+E)(-H) the first is positive (complementary) and the second one negative, contradictory.
(-E)(-H) here both are negative, thus contradictory.

This second exercise (just having the mental image of the positive and negative aspects of things acting individually, with one another, and synchronically) helps you gain the energy of the non-polarized force such as the energystate which is created between birth, life-state, and death.

The actions and interactions of the eight first laws create the ninth, the law of symbolic correspondences (SC).(SC) crossing paths with (SC) and you have a system where sounds, tastes, colors really respond to one another.

Connect all these "computers" together and you have a N'UMI. In doing so, you turn them into a system which, when you change the smallest element in one computer, you change the whole system altogather. Their connection point IS the cosmosemantic space/time. Again this is how Nature works. This is how the African mind works. The minds of most members of all societies close to Nature work the same. When a mind takes distance from Nature, like the Western mind did, it's a matter of time before it starts to pollute or, as African elders would put it, "commit incest with the Mother."