If you think that a purse which disappears and reappears, thinking about someone who calls you a couple of minutes later are random occurrences, you are dead wrong. They are neither "eccentricities of nature", "nature weirdness", nor the "quantum weirdness of nature". They are what I call UMICS, works of a cosmosemantic nature which follows a real pattern, a precise order that the elders have been able to explain thousands of years ago, and which they can even repeat at will. They explain that, in the case of a person calling you a minute or two after you thought of him, at that very moment, the laws of nature met at the space/time you were at and created a cosmosemantic space/time. When that occurs, a vacuum is created and whatever thought you had at that particular moment is read by the universe as an order to obey without discussion.

This is heavy stuff, I know. Um's power is too much power for one person to have. I know that too. But a man's got to do what a man's got to do. Eccentricities of nature or the quantum weirdness of nature is the cosmosemantic nature of things. Quantum physics cannot explain it; cosmosemantics can. Just read on. You are not wasting your time, for if cosmosemantics can make teleportation a reality, airplanes, buses, cars, motorcycles will be obsolete. And if motorized transportation is obsolete, just think about the pollution we are going to cut off.

Remember what dialectics had proven: Not only does everything have a contrary, but everthing carries within its own contradiction. In other words, if there is a metaphysical law and a natural force called gravity (a force that pulls everything inward, to the middle of our planet), there must be a law and force that is the contrary of gravity, and there must be within gravity a law and force that contradicts gravity, an antigravity force, an energy in the vacuum of space and time that negates (attenuates?) the effect of mass gravity.

There's no quantum weirdness of nature. The universe has no eccentricities. Actually, what Western scientists call quantum weirdness of nature is Nature at its best, the finest tool Creation has put at our disposal to help us live and live well.