The Western mind stops at dialectics, the first computer.
The Western mind seems incapable of going beyond the law of contradictions.
As a result, the dialectic tradition is greatest in the West (Westerners seem to see the world as ONLY dialectical), not as an entity set in motion, effect and causes responding to one another, evolving, where events repeat themselves in cycles, elements being naturally ranked, and where all these laws often agree to disagree with the natural order, thus creating a space where all laws are suspended.
Those who cater to it, Hegel and his cohorts, the Hegelians, even Karl Marx and his followers, the Marxists, have become great among human beings.
This is also the reason why the Western mind does not seem to really have a problem with pollution.
When I say this word, "pollution", I do not simply mean oil or fumes or other chemical dumps in the ocean and the atmosphere.

I also mean slavery, colonization, The Jewish Holocaust, apartheid, neocolonization, racism.

Go see what alcohol (the white man's water of fire) has done to the Native Americans.
The Western mind created all those ignominies which corrupt the mind and instill doubt and uncertainty in us about our own humanity.
They lead us to ask ourselves:
    When we say "human beings", are we all talking about the same thing?
If the a human mind conceived and carried out such activities as Slavery (the African holocaust) and the Final Solution (the Jewish holocaust), am I too a human being?