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VRCA VRIESP - Interaktive VR Engineering- und Simulationsplattform

 Aachen September 2004

"Design of Virtual Reality adaptive user interface for collaboration in flexible
production environment using VR-Edit-Viewer"
Serge Yinda
"Simulating and controlling an industrial robot out of a virtual Reality environment"
Serge Yinda

The VR-Edit-Viewer application is about the possibility of sharing VR-content at different places over TCP/IP connection without losing necessary details in order to help to understand the complexity of mechatronics 3D-scenes. VR-Edit-Viewer is an interactive 3D-viewer, scene-editor, and scenegraph integrated in a collaborative application.

Jährliche Veranstaltung Mechatroniktag bei APS von 2000 bis 2004

Serge Yinda